Farming fashion coupons in tera

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TERA Fashion Coupon Farming Guide – FREE Tera Costumes |

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I would recommend buying Apothecary dye from the Trade Broker instead of wasting gold on dyes that only last for an hour. Apothecary dye is cheap and is permanent. The devs have stated that right now you can only preview outfits from the In-Game TERA store, but even items that were previously in the store aren't there.

Ovolisks – Poporia, Valley of the Fang

Since it is supposed to let you preview every outfit in the game for your character perhaps this will change in a future update. Yeah I know. The cheapest outfits are coupons. Some go for as high as ! Well, you could drop some gold on a Fashion Coupon loot box at the trade broker and get instantly, but well Well, guess you could try to save up federation bills for the outfits you want But to get enough for the outfits that cost coupons, you would have to log into the game 20 times. And you can only claim Federation bills once a day, so that's 20 days of logging in just to get 5 coupons.

TERA ps4 farm fashion coupons

And if you want that Fashion Coupon loot box, you would need Federation Bills. So that would take you 80 DAYS Buuuuuut there is an easier way to farm hundreds of coupons within a few hours! Create or Log into a Pre-existing Character, and level them up to If your character s are Level 58 or up, you can skip this and the next step.

Level 30 – 32

If you have enough character slots, create an Elin Reaper character. Play through the tutorial where upon completion, you get some decent gear and are level If this is your first time playing a Reaper or want some tips, consult this [tera-forums. We've heard it already. Upon acquisition of Level 58 or higher , immediantly teleport or take a pegasus to Kaiator if you aren't there already.

TERA Leveling Guide: Level 30-50

Head directly southeast into an abandoned settlement in Seeliewoods the lower-left corner of the minimap. There are four of these that spawn here within the little abandoned settlement and they are level 58, which is perfect for your newly-created reaper. Now I know people say that the Vengeful Ice Giants near Ebon Tower are the fastest way of getting Fashion coupons, but personally the Kumas in Seeliewoods are much easier to farm off of since once they agro on you, they just sit still for a few seconds, making them easier to kill without them attacking! One disadvantage of farming off the kumas is that there are only three channels in that area, and there's only one place where a group of kumas spawn near each other.

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  • The best time to farm for kumas without other people getting in your way is in the early morning hours, since that's when servers seem to be less populated. And always change channels if more than one other person shows up to farm. Another disadvantage is that RNGesus likes to troll. While coupons do have a decent drop rate, don't expect them to drop everytime you kill a kuma.

    With a few hours of grinding, depending on what costume s you want, you should get enough to afford 'em! Well, I guess that's it for now. If you have any questions or think something needs to be added to this guide, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

    This guide made me look like a loli thank you so much no this isnt sarcasm. Mikan 9 Jul am. So In short Bitch work. Enrlich Hartman 27 Apr pm.

    TERA Fashion Coupon Farming Guide – FREE Tera Costumes

    Just in case anyone want to know , its not posible to get faishon cupons that way for the moment. OR buy them at velik near the bank in the plaza for gold.

    Hyokkuda 4 Mar am. But they used to. I bought tons of things with those. One Lonely Meme 28 Jun, pm. Federation Bills don't exist, for one thing. How is this outdated? Eldritch Topaz 25 Mar, pm. Guide's outdated for anyone who's curious.