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Posted by Phaz0r18 - Thu 11 Apr Without launch pricing its only going to be the hardcore followers. Don't expect any queues to be doing this…. Posted by jim - Thu 11 Apr Agreed, it's a bit daft.

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To me it would make sense to pre-order it without a price if there was some sort of pre-order incentive, otherwise you're paying blindly just to be at the front of the queue in which case you're an epic fanboy…. Posted by b0redom - Thu 11 Apr Xbox One v PlayStation 4: all you need to know.

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PlayStation 4 review. The company is not confirming how many PS4s it has in stock, but it is expected to be a sizeable number given the scale of the announcement and the number of stores involved. Sony is also planning its own launch event in Covent Garden, London, where it will have PS4s for sale without pre-ordering.

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Launch day pre-orders for Sony's PS4 have been sold out since August, so this could be the last chance for anyone who wants to get their hands on a console before Christmas. Queuing for the launch event will start from Thursday morning.

Asda ditch Black Friday again this year - but still offering shoppers incredible deals

Those in attendance at the event will be kept fed and watered by event partners Domino's and Red Bull, and will be treated to an exclusive performance by Tinie Tempah. Right now, it is a better video games console than its competitor and is releasing at a more attractive price. But it has the power and poise to become the best console Sony has ever produced.