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VHM continued to move higher as the market appreciates speculation about strong sales of Vincity products. Digital advertising and media play YEG also lost out in thin trading. Real estate developer dipped after recent gains as did DXG. Aquaculture leader VHC continued to lose ground. The four futures contracts fell back today dropping between 4.

As a result, the four contracts closed at a discount ranging from 9. With the longest maturity contract closing at a slight premium to the shortest dated contract. Overall the message is slightly negative short term and suggests a possible pull back for cash equities in the next day or so. Early cash market gains were pared in afternoon trading although the VN index still closed higher on the day. Appears that there is some resistance at or so on the VN index.

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We also note the thin volumes which makes it harder for recent gains to be sustained. And that the biggest move of the day was in the HN index which lost ground. Even so, the Vietnamese equity market has shown some ability to decouple from other Asian markets in recent weeks. We see this as being due to 1 the fact that the VN index has very strong support in the corridor as it has shown on several occasions in the last few months; 2 concerns over the trade dispute between China and the U.

And this has helped to push the VN index a little higher as a whole. Despite this, we view this current market movement as a trading rally only for the time being. Given that volumes remain well below average while foreign participation is still intermittent. The three weeks will see some major geopolitical events which will largely determine global equity market sentiment over the next few months China-US relations; oil supply; Brexit and U. The outcomes in each case are still largely unknown, therefore the level of uncertainty in global equity markets are still rather high.

The VN index is well below technical resistance levels and therefore the current rally has some scope to continue over the next few days before it runs into more serious resistance. Then the Euro 1. Rising Saudi crude production in November and renewed talk of trade tariffs from Trump hardly helped sentiment. Reuters reported today that according to an industry source Saudi Arabia raised its oil production to a new all-time high in November, producing between If confirmed this would help explain the persistent oversupply in the market with the three main global producers; the U.

It also shows a clear gap between Saudi actions and rhetoric which will hopefully be resolved at the next OPEC plus meeting. The Saudis have anyway stated that they will cut their own production by , in December and of course would like an OPEC plus cut of up to 1. We shall see. And President Trump said he is unlikely to bow to requests to hold off on that increase. The Chinese side see the freezing of tariffs at current levels and the prevention of further escalatory actions relating to new tariffs as a key immediate goal to be sought from the meeting.

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Thus, setting the stage for more extended and meaningful talks into next year in a calmer environment. While the U. The Plan procedures are designed, among other things, to protect investors and promote fair and orderly markets.

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The Participants developed this Plan pursuant to Rule a 3 of Regulation NMS under the Exchange Act, which authorizes the Participants to act jointly in preparing, filing, and implementing national market system plans. For purposes of the Plan, Regular Trading Hours can end earlier than p. ET in the case of an early scheduled close.

By subscribing to and submitting the Plan for approval by the SEC, each Participant agrees to comply with and to enforce compliance, as required by Rule c of Regulation NMS under the Exchange Act, by its members with the provisions of the Plan. To this end, each Participant shall adopt a rule requiring compliance by its members with the provisions of the Plan, and each Participant shall take such actions as are necessary and appropriate as a participant of the Market Data Plans to cause and enable the Processor for each NMS Stock to fulfill the functions set forth in this Plan.

The Participants agree that any entity registered as a national securities exchange or national securities association under the Exchange Act may become a Participant by: 1 Becoming a participant in the applicable Market Data Plans; 2 executing a copy of the Start Printed Page Plan, as then in effect; 3 providing each then-current Participant with a copy of such executed Plan; and 4 effecting an amendment to the Plan as specified in Section III B of the Plan.

Notwithstanding other provisions of this Plan, an Advisory Committee to the Plan shall be formed and shall function in accordance with the provisions set forth in this section. Members of the Advisory Committee shall be selected for two-year terms as follows:. A Advisory Committee Selections. By affirmative vote of a majority of the Participants, the Participants shall select at least one representatives from each of the following categories to be members of the Advisory Committee: 1 A broker-dealer with a substantial retail investor customer base; 2 a broker-dealer with a substantial institutional investor customer base; 3 an alternative trading system; 4 a broker-dealer that primarily engages in trading for its own account; and 5 an investor.

Members of the Advisory Committee shall have the right to submit their views to the Operating Committee on Plan matters, prior to a decision by the Operating Committee on such matters. Such matters shall include, but not be limited to, proposed material amendments to the Plan.

Members of the Advisory Committee shall have the right to attend meetings of the Operating Committee and to receive any information concerning Plan matters; provided, however, that the Operating Committee may meet in executive session if, by affirmative vote of a majority of the Participants, the Operating Committee determines that an item of Plan business requires confidential treatment. Except with respect to the addition of new Participants to the Plan, any proposed change in, addition to, or deletion from the Plan shall be effected by means of a written amendment to the Plan that: 1 Sets forth the change, addition, or deletion; 2 is executed on behalf of each Participant; and, 3 is approved by the SEC pursuant to Rule of Regulation NMS under the Exchange Act, or otherwise becomes effective under Rule of Regulation NMS under the Exchange Act.

With respect to new Participants, an amendment to the Plan may be effected by the new national securities exchange or national securities association executing a copy of the Plan, as then in effect with the only changes being the addition of the new Participant's name in Section II A of the Plan and submitting such executed Plan to the SEC for approval. The substitute may participate in deliberations of the Operating Committee and shall be considered a voting member thereof only in the absence of the primary representative.

Each Participant shall have one vote on all matters considered by the Operating Committee. No later than the initial date of Plan operations, the Operating Committee shall designate one member of the Operating Committee to act as the Chair of the Operating Committee. The Operating Committee shall establish specifications and procedures for the implementation and operation of the Plan that are consistent with the provisions of this Plan and the Appendixes thereto. With respect to matters in this paragraph, Operating Committee decisions shall be approved by a simple majority vote.

All trading centers in NMS Stocks, including both those operated by Participants and those operated by members of Participants, shall establish, maintain, and enforce written policies and procedures that are reasonably designed to comply with the limit up—limit down requirements specified in Sections VI of the Plan, and to comply with the Trading Pauses specified in Section VII of the Plan.

Subsequent Reference Prices shall be determined in the manner prescribed for normal openings, as specified in Section V B 1 of the Plan. If the Primary Listing Exchange notifies the Processor that it is unable to reopen an NMS Stock due to a systems or technology issue, or if the Primary Listing Exchange reopens trading with a quotation that has a zero bid or zero offer, or both, the next Reference Price shall be the last effective Price Band that was in a Limit State before the Trading Pause.

If such Opening or Reopening Price has not occurred within five minutes after the end of the Regulatory Halt, the Reference Price shall be equal to the arithmetic mean price of Eligible Reported Transactions for the NMS Stock over the preceding five minute time period, and subsequent Reference Prices shall be calculated as specified in Section V A of the Plan. Single-priced opening, reopening, and closing transactions on the Primary Listing Exchange, however, shall be excluded from this limitation.

In addition, any transaction that both i does not update the last sale price except if solely because the transaction was reported late or because the transaction was an odd-lot sized transaction , and ii is excepted or exempt from Rule under Regulation NMS shall be excluded from this limitation. The Processor shall disseminate an offer below the Lower Price Band or bid above the Upper Price Band that may be submitted despite such reasonable policies and procedures, but with an appropriate flag identifying it as non-executable; provided, however, that any such bid or offer shall not be included in National Best Bid or National Best Offer calculations.

At this point, the Processor shall cease calculating and disseminating updated Reference Prices and Price Bands for the NMS Stock until either trading exits the Limit State or trading resumes with an opening or re-opening as provided in Section V. The Primary Listing Exchange shall develop policies and procedures for determining when it would declare a Trading Pause in such circumstances.

The Processor will publish the following information that the Primary Listing Exchange provides to the Processor in connection with such reopening: Auction reference price; auction collars; and number of extensions to the reopening auction. The Processor shall disseminate this information to the public.

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If a Participant obtains SEC approval to withdraw from the Plan, such Participant may withdraw from the Plan at any time on not less than 30 days' prior written notice to each of the other Participants. At such time, the withdrawing Participant shall have no further rights or obligations under the Plan.

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  7. The Plan may be executed in any number of counterparts, no one of which need contain all signatures of all Participants, and as many of such counterparts as shall together contain all such signatures shall constitute one and the same instrument. On February 20, , the Commission noticed for immediate effectiveness the Second Amendment to the Plan. On August 27, , the Commission noticed for immediate effectiveness the Fourth Amendment to the Plan. On January 7, , the Commission noticed for immediate effectiveness the Sixth Amendment to the Plan. On August 26, , the Commission noticed for immediate effectiveness the Eleventh Amendment to the Plan.

    On April 28, , the Commission noticed for immediate effectiveness the Fourteenth Amendment to the Plan. On September 26, , the Commission noticed for immediate effectiveness the Fifteenth Amendment to Plan.

    On March 15, , the Commission noticed for immediate effectiveness the Sixteenth Amendment to the Plan. Unless otherwise specified, the terms used herein have the same meaning as set forth in the Plan. See 17 CFR See Transmittal Letter, supra note 4. The statement of the purpose and summary of the amendment and the information required by Rule a 4 and 5 is reproduced verbatim from the Transmittal Letter unless otherwise noted; cross-references have been revised to conform with the footnote sequencing of this notice.

    The Plan refers to this entity as the Processor.

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    During Phase I, the Plan did not operate during the market open and close. The implementation of the first part of Phase II began on August 5, and ended on September 3, Price Bands were calculated by applying double the Percentage Parameters during to a. The implementation of the second part of Phase II began on February 24, The second part of Phase II added Price Bands for the last 15 minutes of trading from to p.

    On May 12, , the second part of Phase 2 was implemented for Nasdaq-listed securities. Calculation of whether a securities price meets the required threshold is based on the price of executed trades. For example, the number of multiple cancellation events decreased after the implementation of the Plan. For purposes of the Joint Assessment, a multiple cancellation event is an event in which there were six or more cancelled trade reports for a single stock during the day. See Supplemental Joint Assessment, id. See the Supplemental Joint Assessment, supra note See the Supplemental Joint Assessment, supra note 19, at page Unwarranted Trading Pauses in illiquid stocks are typically characterized by wide or skewed spreads between buy and sell orders and no trading activity leading into the Trading Pause.

    Another example of an unwarranted Trading Pause is discussed below under the section entitled Proposal to Amend Calculation of Percentage Parameters beginning on page The Primary Listing Exchanges implemented these changes to their automated reopenings on November 20, For example, if there is selling pressure, the auction reference price will be the lower Price Band.