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To use Elastic Smart Autocomplete, you first need to have a recent version of Java installed and the Elasticsearch server running. To install Elastic Smart Autocomplete, copy the content of the unzipped folder and paste all files and directories in your Magento 2 root directory. As the Elastic-Ecommerce extensions regularly check if the Elasticsearch server is available, in your Magento 2 installation, you must have a scheduled task up and running from the server side targeting the cron.

For more information on the configuration of cron tasks in Magento 2, you can check their documentation. Coupon Code - How to use Promo Codes and Coupons for

Thank you Paul for all the help and support to get it working on our site!!! Really useful. I have done customization for module and with the help of extension provider I was able to resolve issue. The support of team is very responsive and helpful. Published the 05th September Good module! The Elasticsearch makes easy to find them. Published the 05th August Best search ever! Thank you for that! We had a few issues with the setup.

The Wyomind support helped us a lot. When we need more Magento 2 modules, we will search on the Wyomind website first. Published the 01st August Great module! They're very quick to help you with any issues and their prices are reasonable. Would recommend them to any Magento 2 site.

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Published the 31st July Must have search extension! We have over 10, skus and the search results are fast and relevant. The installation was easy with no conflicts. The settings are easy to understand and configure. And the support team are very quick to answer and questions you may have. Published the 30th July Great plugin for any Ecommerce site developed in Magento by celeiropt A very useful plugin to be used in Magento.

Our customers love the autocomplete function and we have had a great CTR performance on it. Thank you for all the support. Published the 29th July The ease of use and setup is marvellous and any questions or issues are promptly answered by Wyomind's amazing support team. Customers are now able to find exactly the products they are interested in, both quickly and efficiently. The ease of use and setup is marvellous and any questions or issues are promptly answered by Wyomind's amazing support team.

Published the 26th July Does exactly what it says by Galen This extension works great! It does exactly what it advertises.

The autocomplete makes things super simple for our customers and I love that we can prioritize fields by weight. The extension was easy to install, reliable and has caused no conflicts. We have found Wyomind's support to be quick and very helpful on this and other extensions we have purchased. Published the 11th July Great extension! Published the 09th July The best solution for our stores by Simon Work very fast and it is compatible with many theme.

You do not need to modify anything in CSS styles. I recommend highly. It works very well.

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Works like a charm, basic and reliable. Published the 14th June Lots of features and amazing support by Sparky A fully developed implementation of Elastic Search for Magento. I had an issue getting the extension communicating with Elastic Search on install and support was excellent. Highly recommended! It works quickly and very smoothly. Compliant with ultimo template for Magento 1. Installation without problems and simple configuration. We have over 2, products with complex search terms and ElasticSearch does a great job at picking all these up.

Makes it so much easier for our customers to find products. Search results right now are very exact. This is for sure best extension for search for magento stores. Published the 27th March Great extension by Enrico Really great extension, it works out of the box!!! I use it on many websites. Published the 22nd March The most useful extensions with the best support in the business by JCoop We have so many choices for Partners on Magento, but Wyomind always produces top quality extensions that are backed by some of the best customer support in the industry!

Once installed which was a fairly straight forward process the elastic search worked without a glitch. This extension is easy to use but with the benefit of it being highly flexible with many of the options being tailorable to your specific needs. Highly Recommended!

Published the 06th March Great Support and extension by Michal We have been using the extension for few years now and it works great. It is fast with good results. Support from Paul is excellent, quick and always to the point. Highly recommended. It's easy to customize the frontend to have a great mini-search. The search result page is less useful that preview now. Works right away out of the box. Easy to configure, accurate and it's fast! We didn't have any problems with our large catalogue of products.

How to use the Elasticsearch extension?

At the end of the day you want to deliver the best experience to your customers and Elasticsearch delivers. It's footprint is quite small, it doesn't use many resources. Our customers always seem to find whatever they're looking for and our team as well as they can just easily search via the barcodes or SKUs.

Support from Wyomind is superb, they always quick to reply and sort otu any issues we ever run into. I can't recommend this enough, it's a must have extension for any Magento store. It works very great and is fast. The Support from Wyomind is always helpful and we used it a few times already. Developers are always ready to help in case of any problems so I will definitely recommend this extension for your store. Published the 30th November Excellent extension, works smoothly by Filipe Dietrich full configurable and stable. Setup is little bit complicated for us but extension is works very well.

If you not happy with default search action on magento like us, you need this one! The support answer very fast with right answer. I recommand it! All functionalities work out of the box and is easy to integrate with Porto theme. Published the 07th November Fantastic magento module by ciamberl great module for indexing and fast search between 60k products! I tested some cheaper alternatives but without success Developers are always ready to help in case of some problems Published the 22nd October Overall great experience by Marco The functionality available is above expectations and the support is always great when you contact them, friendly and fast compared to other developers I have come across.

Published the 11th October It Simply Works by Satisfied Customer After installing the module, low and behold, it simply worked as advertised. No surprises! Easy to work and auto-correct functionality works exactly where it is needed - in the quick-search. Published the 02nd October Wyomind delivers great Magento extensions by Marcin Wyomind delivered high quality extensions for our Magento 2. Their support is extremely helpful and what is more important the response time is usually hours.

I highly recommend them if you dont want to wait hours for a reply from support center in Asia as many other magento development do. I would recommend this extension to anyone looking to upgrade from the standard search modules like Sphinx. It is the fastest of all the systems I have tested, with an easy installation and configuration system, but incredibly scalable.

I have over 10, products in my catalog, and Elasticsearch provides a quick response to product inquiries in my online store. On the other hand, Wyomind's support service is very correct. Very easy to work with!

The support team is prompt and professional, and is happy to assist you with getting things to perform the way you would like to maximize the value of the module. Elastic search is a must have, and no need to look any further than here Then noticed everyone that previously developed Sphinxsearch extensions for M1 moved to Elasticsearch with Magento 2. However, no reputable ones, but Wyomind, developed anything using Elasticsearch for Magento 1. Tried it, and huge difference Published the 06th September Great product by Hamish Elasticsearch opens up far better search options for Magento websites, it is a must for any shop owners running Magento.